Hey What Happened to our Instagram Profile?

To Our Dearest Fans,

If you have been following us for a while, you may have noticed that our Instagram profile no longer.... exists. Sadly, Instagram decided to shut us down. We were accused of selling counterfeit goods (??) and with very little detail or chance for appeal, we were told we were no longer welcome on the platform. 

It's their playground, and we aren't welcome there anymore.

This is heartbreaking. The best part of running Gameday Chic has been the chance to interact with all of you. 

As for the violation, you all know as well as us that we don't sell counterfeit goods. Our in-house designer Mandee makes all of our designs, and Amber has been spending time engaging with each of you on Instagram. We aren't sure if this is an attack from a competitor or just Instagram violation bot run amok. 

We will continue to create the styles you love for the sports you love, and sell them here on Gamedaychic.com

So this isn't goodbye, but things are changing a bit. Want to stay in touch? Please please please subscribe to our email list

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We look forward to interacting with you in new ways!

-The Gameday Chic Team